Hosting for Christmas? Use apothecary jars to make a fun whimsical display on your table that will spark up a lot of conversation!

Clear apothecary jars are the perfect addition in any home. You can just them to display so many things and I love changing them every season, holiday and whenever I’m feeling creative! For this Christmas I decided to make them yummy! One jar filled with cookies, another filled with candy canes, and the last filled with marshmallows! 

Then I add a faux garland that has small pinecones and berries all throughout it. I then took a set of 1$ battery powered light strands from Target and mixed those in throughout the garland.

Once dinner is over your guests can have a few cookies, while you serve them a nice cup of hot chocolate topped with a marshmallow and candy cane! 

Of course I had to add our Elf Charlie to the one jar because it makes it more playful and fun!


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