Every year around the holidays I start to think about the New Year and what I plan to change or adjust about my life. There are a few typical ones that everyone always chose like lose weight and save money, both are great changes to make! This year I am thinking of keeping my list small so that I can achieve everything on it.

My first goal is to live with less. I watched this movie Minimalism on Netflix it was shocking to realize how little we really need to live with. I was thinking more about it and realizing lately all I need is a coffee, leggings, and over sized sweater, and a pair of slippers HAHA! Ok well maybe I need a little more than that, but in all honesty I have so much I do not need!

The movie talks about how we live in a society that thinks more is more, and what you have defines who you are. We are raised with commercials and advertisements and pressures of the keeping up with the Jones’s mentality and at the end of the day it’s a rat race we will never win at. There will always be something newer, flashier, and more expensive to try and achieve next. It’s exhausting trying to keep up. 

The movie also talks about having things in your life that make you happy, if something doesn’t bring you joy then you don’t need it. This is the mantra I am going to use when going through my things, especially my closet. If the item doesn’t bring me joy or hasn’t been worn in 6 months it’s getting a one way ticket. Out with the old, and very selectively choosing things that take the place of in with the new. Only bring things into your life that bring you joy, so don’t buy something to satisfy the moment, make it something your going to love for ever!

My seconds resolution is to stop complaining. Not just for me in general because I don’t think I’m a complainer as a person, but I want to remove the little bits of complaints that I make, and the people in my life that are always complaining. I can’t take it anymore! Can’t we all just be happy and get along? Complaining does nothing positive for my life, it just brings me stress and puts me in a bad mood. So I’m done with it. I don’t want to do it, and I don’t want to hear it!

Then for my little quick fix resolution is to be on time for the gym! I love going to classes, and I have this habit of being late for this one class every week. I always make it to my Monday class on time, but my Wednesday class is another story. I am late almost every week, and that needs to change! 

To stick to my resolutions and keep myself on track I plan to use my new Concealed Planner from Sugar Paper. One of the first pages has a goals sheet for the new year, I love it! I hope to stick to everything, and I know this sheet will help me because I can check it throughout the year and make sure I keep myself accountable.

What are your resolutions for 2019? How will you make yourself a better person? 


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