We all have candle containers hanging around that we either use for other things, or are saving because we don’t want to throw them away! I had so many that I loved the container from, but burned through the candle. So I decided to try making a new candles using my Young Living essential oils and reusing the containers from my favorite candles!

This was one of my most favorite projects to try and share with you. Reviving a candle is so gratifying. For a fraction of the price of a quality candle you can use your old containers to create multiple new candles.

Heres how I did it! I have to admit I am a sucker for a good candle, and I am drawn to them by their continuers. I love all the different unique designs and the timeless labels some of the companies have. I hope i’m not the only one.

To start you need:
Old candle vessels, or mason jars from here
Soy wax chips, I bought these
Pre waxed cotton wicks I used these
Essential oils shop for your a starter kit here!
Wooden sticks I had these
Metal clips from here
Scissors, gold is best!
Matches I love these!

Start by placing your older candle upside down on a baking sheet that is covered with tin foil and parchment paper. This makes for the easiest clean up. Be sure to use enough so the foil comes over the edge of the pan so nothing spills.
Place this tray in a 250 degree oven for 10minutes. All the wax will just drip right out, lift up the containers clean the edges and they are ready to use!
TIP: Leave the melted waxed paper to sit until it hardens then you can easily throw this away without having to worry about hot melted wax spilling anywhere!

Next place the wicks in the containers, you can use a dab of wax to hold them in place, or glue them. I used these wooden sticks and these metal clips to keep them in place and centered.

Now melt your wax chips. I used a mason jar to melt mine, but you can use a pan over a double boil if you prefer. I felt the mason jar was easier to manage and allowed me to use a microwave. Melt the chips in 30 seconds intervals, and place a plate under the container incase anything spills over.
Drop in you essential oils, I used anywhere from 6-15 drops depending on the size of the container. I mixed oils to create a scent, mix and match your favorites to make the perfect candle for yourself.
Note for two of the candles, I used their own wax, the Capri Blue in particular did not burn evenly so I wanted to reset the wax so it could be used fully. I did these steps on their own and once the wax was tacky on the parchment I scrapped it off and saved it in a separate mason jar.

Once the candles are filled with wax, make sure your wick is in the proper place and allow the candles to sit overnight before burning. You want to make sure they are fully set!

Now I can enjoy my favorite candle containers, with my favorite clean essential oils. I know exactly what is going into the candle and I’m burning a clean fragrance in my home!

I hope you have fun with this project!



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