I am so excited to share this post with you all because I am in absolute LOVE with my new tray! I had been looking for something exactly like this and of course McGee & Co. had it!

When you’re styling any tray you want to make sure you are starting with a clean surface, the table it’s on should be clean of clutter and dust. This will allow you to be most creative because nothing is distracting you!

The details on this tray are so beautiful and I love the white washed look!

Now I’m adding my favorite little cloche. I love this because it can be changed our seasonally, right now I’m leaving this little faux pine tree inside because it’t not screaming holiday, but just gives a little nod to the winter season.

Next I’ll add in my favorite new Jo Malone candle, lime basil, and mandarin it is the perfect combination of fragrances.

Now for the must have, coasters. Every tray must have coasters on it. You are kindly suggesting that your guests use one! I’ll add two!

Now we have a perfectly clean, organized tray, and a cluster of three is more visually appealing to the eye than any other cluster, but for me this needs just one more thing. I have to add in something fun!

I’ve decided to share two options, this option is a bit of old scrabble pieces scattered on the tray. I found these on the road when I was walking my dog one day and figured I should pick them up. I washed them and have been using them on trays in my house ever since!

The second option are these fun oversized ceramic dice, I bought them at an antique market in Massachusetts. They are so fun and whimsical and add that little extra something I am looking for!

Whatever you decide to do just make sure it’s something fun and unexpected! And never ever ever add remotes! Those can be hidden in a box or basket and taken out when in use!



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