In our bathroom we have a stacked washer and dryer, it’s super convenient to have them right there and makes laundry so much easier! But the one thing that was weird about this space was the open area from the washer dryer to the wall. It needed a little sprucing up! This DIY project saved the space! Read more to see how we did it!

For starters the space was never big enough for a cabinet or a shelving unit, so our options were to leave it as it, or DIY a project ourselves. The other piece of the puzzle we needed to consider was the dryer vent. It is located on the side of the washer and dryer because if it was attached in the back the two would be pulled out farther into the bathroom and leave no room for the door of the washer to open into. So my husband built a three sided box to cover the vent, since it was very ugly and we wanted something the would look like it fit with the design we chose.

We decided to place the first floating shelf close to this vent cover, but leave room if we needed to slide the vent over out for whatever reason. My husband built the brackets to hold up the shelves from wood. Then he mounted these to the wall.

The shelves are three sided as well. A front, top and bottom, the back is open and slides right over the support that is attached to the wall. This creates the floating shelf look!

Both the shelves and vent over were painted with the same paint color as our trim so everything matches perfectly!

The last step to this project was mounting a pipe to the bottom of the first shelf so we can hang dry anything that doesn’t go into the dryer. It feels the open space perfectly and serves a need that we always have! We chose a pipe from the hardware store and sprayed it with a clear seal to make sure no black markings got on the hangers or clothing!

Then it was my turn to decorate the shelves! I was so excited to add my First Aid box, linens, an adorable print, stacked toilet paper, and a little glass jar that I can add flowers too! I keep wooden hangers on the pipe rack so they are easily accessible, but also finish off the look!

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