I wanted to share some of my favorite things with you all, and coincidentally enough they are things that I am asked about often by you all! I put together a little post about all of my Amazon Prime finds that I really love, and it includes the things I get asked about most!

  1. The Five Minute Journal. This is a great journal to have and use everyday when you wake up and right before you go to sleep. It takes 5 minutes, and sometimes less to reflect on your goals for the day, month, year, and life. I love this journal because it keeps it all in one place so you can go back to it whenever you want!
  2. Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides. I am asked about these all the time, and a lot of you have ordered them yourselves! Great for skin, hair, nails, joint health. I add them to my coffee everyday!
  3. Office supplies! I love Amazon Prime for these types of things because when you need them you realize you need something you can order it and have it in two days! I love these binder clips to stay organized!
  4. The message board on my sunroom. I was asked about this a lot from you all when I shared it! This is the best size, and it comes with TONS of letters, numbers, and punctuation signs. It also comes in multiple color options!
  5. I use this oil every single day! It’s what I use to moisturize my skin, I use it as a carrier oil to my essential oils, and I use it as a eye makeup remover!
  6. I pack these in my purse, I have them in my glove box, and in my bathroom. They are the perfect go to after eating to keep you mouth clean and fresh especially on the go!
  7. This adorable EAT ME cookie stamp. I love this! It’s fun and whimsical and I had to share it!
  8. Washi Tape, another great office supply I love. This is the best price for the most tape, you get two sets of the full color run! I use this constantly!
  9. The cell phone or iPad stand. I love using this when I do a tutorial for you all on Insta stories, but we use it for charging out phone. I also have one I use in my kitchen if I need to follow a recipe, and you can even use it on a bedside table, or to prob up a decide when you want to watch a show!
  10. My kitchen chalk board. It’s the perfect size and very affordable!
  11. Clear spray bottles. I love using these to make my own cleaning supplies. Check out how I make them on this post! And scroll down for the recipe to my linen spray!
  12. My favorite scale. This measures not only your weight, but can track your progress through an app on your phone. It also measures water weight, bone mass, and BMI plus so much more! Under $40
  13. Whey Protein Naturals. NO FAKE SUGAR
  14. Wooden hangers. We only use wooden hangers I can’t stand plastic or velvet and I always buy these!
  15. Wool dyer balls! Who needs chemical sheets to soften their clothes when you can use natural wool dryer balls. I love putting a few drops of essential oils into each and I just leave them in my dryer! Check out how I use them on my essential oils page here!


This is so simple, and effective! All you do is fill the container half way with the Rose Petal Witch Hazel, shop it here. Then fill the other half with water. Now add 10 drops of Lavender essential oil! That’s it!


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