This amazing organizing system was under $20 and it took me under 30 minutes to get everything folded and in it’s new home!

I couldn’t be happier with how my top drawer turned out. I had so much stuff making such a big mess in the drawer. I never knew where anything was, and never put anything back in the right spot. It was a free for all. Using this system made it so simple to compartmentalize all the categorize and organize them exactly how I wanted.

For starters this dresser used to be red and I painted it white, that it why the inside of the drawer panel is red.. I never bothered to paint that… moving on.

I bought this system to organize my drawer because it came with the most piece for the least amount of money! It comes with 3 large, 3 medium, and 3 small (only 2 pictured) storage areas. they come flat and all you do is pop them open and use the zipper at the bottom to keep them secured.

I organized my items by use and how I like to grab for things. These are the categories I used.
Everyday underwear
Everyday bras
“Fancy” underwear
Tights/bralletes/bras overflow
PJ pants/ shorts
PJ tops
Gym socks
Winter socks

I ended up having one medium and one small sized storage areas left over. I am realizing now that I used my cream colored bin (previously owned) for my fancy underwear instead of the grey, but rest assured the entire package comes as one color.

This was so easy to do, and I would highly recommend it to everyone! The spring cleaning bug hit me and this drawer was on my list of to organize for a while. For whatever reason I assumed organizing it would be complicated and expensive and I was wrong about both.

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