Wearing a hat to protect my face from the sun is one of my priorities in spring and summer. It doesn’t hurt to have a super cute one to do it with. That’s why I love this Hat Attack raffia hat.

Keeping your skin protected from the sun is so important all year round, but especially important in the warmer months when the sun is stronger and more harmful. I am a huge believer that everyone should have a go to hat that they can wear with every outfit in every type of outing. This year I needed an upgraded so I chose this amazing raffia hat from Hat Attack.

The three things I loved about it were the size of the brim, the pattern on there ribbon, and the adjustable ribbon on the interior of the hat. First off the brim makes all the difference, if it’s not big enough to cover your full face it’s totally pointless. This one is the perfect size to wear on a cutting for the day and to wear to the beach.

The pattern on the ribbon was also a huge selling point because I constantly wear blue and white, and it is a great color to mix and match with everything in the warmer months. But the biggest reason I love this hat is the adjustable ribbon on the inside. The ribbon can be tightened or loosened to your liking. On a boat ride, windy day in town, or breezy day at the beach tighten the string and your hat stays right on your head! On a regular weather day with sunshine and rainbows wear the hat looser for an easy on and off fit.

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