Sharing how I break down packing for a trip. My tips on making a list, when to start, and how to plan ahead.

First off everyone needs a packing list. If you make a list and stick to it, you won’t over pack, and you won’t forget anything. I always make a list on my phone because you can use the checklist feature on Notes to help you stay really organized. My list is always by person and categories. By person I mean Olivia, Billy, Seby (our dog.. he’s coming on the trip so he needs a list too). Then I do it by categories. Clothes, Shoes, Accessories, Personal I start this list in my phone about a week before, then I can randomly add things as I think of them like phone charger, or iPad when they come to mind. I don’t actually start pulling items until about 3 days before, then you wont change your mind when you go to pack it all up in a bag.

With my clothes I always try to pack things that I can mix and match together. Tops that can go with different bottoms, dresses that can be worn casually with sneakers or sandals during the day, but dressed up by changing the shoe and adding a statement earring at night. This helps to keep your suitcase light. I have mostly dresses for this trip, but am bringing along a romper, jumpsuit, and jeans as well. I always use this rolling rack to organize everything so I can see if things mix and match, what shoes are the best option, what accessories pair best with most pieces.

Then I always make sure I have a few options for shoes. My go to’s, at least one sandal I always bring Birkenstocks, at least one sneaker I always pack a neutral pair, white for sure, and lastly at least one dress up shoe. All the bases are covered and you don’t need any add ons to this. Keep it simple!

Then I pack my jewelry based on the clothes i’ve picked out. I try to bring as little as I can, this way I can repeat them with every outfit. Neutral colors that go with everything, or a colors that matches most of the pieces i’ve already picked out. The rolling rack helps for this too because you can hold the earrings etc. up to each look and see if they match!

I keep my toiletries in my own personal bag, and will add my hair tools and makeup bag in at the last minute.

Then I pack a family bag. This has dog items and shared items. For this vacation we need to bring the dogs food, bowls, treats. I use that handy travel set you place to food in a container in the middle, I put the treats in little plastic baggies and put them on top of the food, then there is a bowl on the top and bottom, one for food and one for water. It closes with a little handle and it’s SO EASY! I’m also packing a beach towel because who knows what this dog is going to get into while we are there, and I always like to have it in the car for when we are day tripping to different parts of the island because you never know!

Also in the family bag I pack snacks, I don’t always bring snacks but I am for this trip because I am pregnant and sometimes a girl needs a snack! These will also come in handy for our random day trips where we might be in the car for a bit and needing a little something. I also pack water bottles so we can fill them before the day out, also not a must have but with being pregnant I like to have a water bottle with me at all times so I can make sure I am staying hydrated. It’s also summer so it helps save a few dollars when you’re not buying a $4 bottle of water every few hours. I also pack things like Tylenol, bandaids, hand sanitizer, lactaid pills, sun screen, after sun lotion etc. in the Yeti pouch and put that into the family bag. I am using my new L.L. Bean Bote & Tote to contain all of these items.

I think less is more. Pick things that you love and know you will want to wear. Pick things that can mix and match so they can be worn multiple times. Pack realistic, simple, easy. It helps for getting to the destination and then helps when you arrive back home. Less work to get organized for the week ahead.






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