This is our first time trying Hello Fresh, and I have to say we absolutely love it! Let me tell you more!

We decided to give Hello Fresh a try after receiving a gift card in my Fab Fit Fun box. When we logged in and entered the code two meals for two people, so four meals only cost us under $20! How could we not try it!

We ended up doing this for 2 weeks, then took a break for a few weeks. After that we decided to start it up again because we loved it so much. We upped the meals to three meals for two people making a total of six servings of dinner. We love how everything is fresh and comes right to your door. Everything comes in one box with all the veggies and meat separated. The veggies and set of ingredients for each recipe is sealed in a paper bag and the meat is at the bottom of the box separated by a large ice pack and cardboard. The recipe cards are included in the box as well.

It takes the guess work out of what you are going to make, and gives you new ideas on new recipes you can recreate at home. I love that all the meal cards list out the ingredients so you can save the cards and use them for a grocery list!


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