When it comes to the safety and health of me and my baby there are so many things that are non negotiable for me. Clean beauty is one of them. Check out my pregnancy beauty routine and see what products I am in LOVE with!

Some of these products I have been using forever, and others are new to me since becoming pregnant. If you know me you know I choose to use clean beauty everyday, but while being pregnant there is an even deeper reason to be aware of what you are using. There are so many beauty product that contain chemicals and additives that can really harm your baby, and are advised by your doctor to avoid. Here is a list of the top products I could not live without during pregnancy, and why I love them so much!

1.Collagen Peptides Beauty Glow. This product is a game changer for sure. I used this before becoming pregnant and was admit on still using it doing pregnancy. It provides you with the collagen you need for your growing and changing body. This flavor is my favorite and I love to drink it mid day when I want something other than water. I drink this everyday and I know this is a major contributor to keeping my skin smooth, soft, and stretch mark free.

2. Smarty Pants Vitamins. These are my favorite choice for prenatal vitamins because of the ingredients. They are clean and have everything you need to keep the baby healthy! These are also non GMO and gluten free. I take the directed amount 6 a day every single day. I started taking these about 4 months before we started trying to get pregnant because I read that this is very important for the early stages of pregnancy when you may not know you are pregnant yet. Some of the most critical development is taking place in the first month and it’s important to have these vitamins in your system during this time.

3. Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides. This is another alternative to the Beauty Glow, if I drink this it is usually in a coffee, smoothie, or oatmeal. Both options are great and provide the collagen you need for your body, it’s just up to you on which you prefer. This is flavorless and is an easy thing to throw into your morning coffee and head out the door. I enjoy the Beauty Glow flavor and almost see it as a mid day refreshing treat! I do not use them both in a day, it is one or the other.

4. Wellness Oil. This clean roller ball is made from essential oils and is safe for mom and baby. Made in American and comes in 3 fragrance options. The one I have is eucalyptus, but you can also get this 3 pack.

5. Belly Oil. I have talked about this on my instagram before and I am telling you there is nothing better! It’s not sticky, thick or fragranced. It is clean, safe for mom and baby, made in American and the highest quality standards. I would never use anything else, and am so glad I started this routine. I apply this oil to my belly, chest, sides of waist, inner and outer thighs, and my bum every day morning and night. I apply an additional amount of this oil on my stomach mid day. This products has kept my skin so hydrated, glowing, and refreshed looking. I have no experienced any itching, redness, tightness, or stretch marks. This in combination with the collagen and vitamins I think is the game changer. I am tackling the potential issue from the inside and outside of my body. This is by far my top recommended product hands down.

6. The Belly Fix. This is all the goodness of the oil in a belly mask. These masks are great to use in the third trimester when things are really starting to stretch and grow. Place the mask on your belly for 15 minutes, when you are done take the mask off and rub in all the extra goodness.

7. Sweet Almond Oil. I have used sweet almond oil for years now as a moisturizer. It’s clean and great for your skin. It’s packed with vitamin E and keeps you hydrated. I have use this on my entire body for years and have continued to use it during my pregnancy as a moisturizer.

8. Essential Oil Diffuser. This is one of the best things I have ever switched to using. I have been using this diffuser and Young Living Essential Oils for a few years now, and I wouldn’t change it. I am so particular about what I’m breathing in, and although a candle might be a nice ambiance feature they are not clean, and not safe for me or my baby. I can’t tell you the last time I burned a candle.

9. Rose & Vanilla Deodorant. This is by far my favorite of all time clean deodorant, and trust me I have tried them all. This is the only brand that I have used and had success with. I stay dry and fresh all day without the added chemicals and for half the price of other clean deodorants. I have tried the following brands in the past that have failed. This is the game changer or clean deodorants! Toms, Jasons, Honest Beauty, and Native. None of these were effective. Schmidt’s is the most effective and the most economical.



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