Here is the style board I created when we found out we were having a baby. Whether or not we are having a boy or girl doesn’t change my design likes and dislikes, or my strong opinion on having timeless pieces that can grow with our child through the years. This room will be an extension of our home and it’s important to us that it flows seamlessly with our esthetic. I have sourced everything we are using to make Baby Roach a gorgeous, tranquil, serene place to cuddle, grow, and play!

The wallpaper we chose because of its neutral colors and serene pattern. This fits with the grey color wall we have in the room already, and love that it can be gender neutral. This will go on the wall behind the crib.

The crib is a gorgeous turned-wood detail that has a nob to bobbin style furniture. It’s traditional with a twist and has an airy light feel to it. I wanted to make sure that the crib we chose had open rail type sides so I can peek in the room on the baby and see them without having to fully go in to the room to see how they are doing. I thought this would help avoid accidentally waking them up. I also loved this crib because the texture, what curious little baby wouldn’t love to touch and explore the rounded wood details on the rails. It also adds another element to the room, it’s visually interesting without being too stand out. This crib also comes with rails to transfer into a toddler bed stage, this was another thing that was very important to me. I wanted every piece we brought into our home to grow with the child and not just be for a period of time.

The bedding for the crib is also very neutral and can be layered with other colors as we see fit. Here is the sheet, blanket, crib skirt.

The artwork we have is very simple, coastal without looking cheesy, and can also be moved to any room of our home if the baby wants to put a Mickey Mouse picture on the wall one day. We will also be adding a fun little alphabet poster above the changing pad for some education!

These wooden blocks are adorable, they come in multiple color options, and can be customized. I ordered Baby Roach, once the baby is born and we know their name we will get their name done as well. For now they will sit on the book shelves that are in the room with some fun books that were gifted to us.

Under the book shelves we will be adding these baskets. One for toys, and one for stuffed animals/soft goods. I love that they have a top so mess can be concealed.

This dresser is absolutely gorgeous and I fell in love with the beach wood look. I didn’t want everything with and to be matchy matchy, it’s just not my vibe. I felt this piece was timeless, gender neutral and effective. It checked all the boxes.

This is the chair I think I am going with as of now. It took me a while to find something I actually liked. I wanted something that was neutral, timeless, comfortable but not sloppy, and that wasn’t too big for the space. I will be adding this pillow as the inspiration pillow cover was very far out of my budget, so I found an alternative that I love!

This is the rug I am going with, in the ivory/beige color way. Again timeless, neutral and can be used in any room of the house. I will be layering this with a gorgeous white faux fur rug to add a little coziness.

This bassinet is the sweetest most precious thing I have ever seen, and one of the most important things to me for this baby. It is the first thing my child will sleep in when they come home from the hospital, I did not take this decision lightly. I wanted something precious, and sweet, and innocent looking. I love the wicker, the white, and the little skirt that can be added to the base. It conceals the shelf that is underneath and can house a breast pump, diapers, wipes, swaddles etc. Bassinet mattress. Bassinet bumper, skirt and sheet.


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