This is a list of five new mom must haves that I didn’t know I needed until I heard other moms raving about them!

DockAtot | Well I have to admit I always knew I would want and need one of these as a new mom, but the more I hear people talk about them the more I know this will be a life saver. It’s a great thing to have for new moms because you can literally dock your child in it whenever you need to. It has sides that keep baby in place, and can be used anywhere from a couch, to the kitchen counter, to the floor. I would recommend supervision for all of these times, but it allows you to be hands free and the baby be safe. Also a great item to have for traveling because it doesn’t take up too much space, and serves so many purposes.

Freddie the Firefly | Every mom I know says this little guy is the cry stopper, it has bright colors on one side and black and white on the other. Everyone swears if you wave this above your baby they will stop crying right away. They get distracted by the colors and focus in on all the fun little features and textures it has.

VaVa Night Light | This here is going to be a great item to have not only for our bedroom in the early stages, and for the nursery, but to take with us to the hospital. Everyone says it’s a game changer because if you have to get up to feed, change, sooth the baby, or even get a sip of water or go to the bathroom you can tap the light and have a dull glow to maneuver about the room. No harsh bright hospital lights that make you cringe. You can tap once for one type of brightness, and so on. You can also set the light to dim at a certain time and turn off after so much time, this is great for bedside reading, and also for toddlers who need a little glow before they fall asleep.

Bandana Bibs, that snap | These bibs are taking over, no one uses anything but a bandana bib anymore. They even make some with teething silicone at the tips so your baby can chew when they want. I also heard nothing but snaps, velcro ruins anything else in the wash and becomes less adherent after so many washes.

BabyBum Diaper Cream Brush | Literally genius! Who wants to have a baby up on a changing table, have to apply diaper cream with their bare hand, then worry about how they are going to get the diaper closed, the baby dressed, and the child safety off the table without getting cream everywhere. This set comes with one silicone diaper brush from home, and one for travel that has a case! the silicone makes for easy clean up, just use a wipe and your done!

Bonus two because I had to!

Rohm Portable Sound Machine | The sound machine is great item to have for your home, but having a portable one is even better, you can use it in any room without unplugging it, take it with you in the car, bring it in the stroller, take it to the store etc. etc. I have heard so many moms raving about this one in particular.

SwaddleME Original Swaddle | I have heard nothing but positive things about this brand swaddle. It makes for an easy dressing, that keeps the baby feeling safe and snug. The key is the velcro strap that crosses over the babies chest, this helps the swaddle stay secure which avoids them breaking free or loosening the wrap.

Modern Blocks | Right from day one of finding out we were having a baby I knew I wanted these Modern Blocks in their room. I just love that they are a cute little feature to have on a dresser, book shelf or table, but can be used to play and learn. There are so many color options, and I love that they are made in America! Shop the birth months set here for adorable photos, and my other favorite sets here, and here.



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