I’m packing two bags, a tote to take in the labor and delivery room with me and a second bag for recovery. This was advised to me by the hospital as you only need the essentials in the labor/delivery room.

Labor/delivery bag

This button front sleep dress is a must have, easy to get to the bathroom in, and loose. Also the button front will be easy for breast feeding.
I also packed a PJ set, joggers and t-shirt as I don’t know what I will be comfortable in.
Additionally I packed a sports bra, tank, and biker shorts (not pictured because I ordered them and they hadn’t arrived yet)
High waisted underwear which are also great for high waisted jeans.
Cozy slipper socks
I also packed my largest Swell water bottle to stay hydrated
Portable clip fan, which can clip right to the side of the bed and cool you down during contractions and labor when you may get overheated.

Witch Hazel wipes, which I heard were amazing for after labor, they are cooling and refreshing.
I also packed hand sanitizer for my guests to use when they come to see the baby
Essential oils for relaxing
Wet ones because you never know when you need one
I also packed travel sized shampoo and conditioner, body wash, and lotion.
I packed the Fridababy Mom Washer because I heard it also helps for after delivery when you might be a little sensitive to wiping with toilet paper.

Recovery Bag

All the button front tops! They are easy for breast feeding is what I’ve heard. I brought this one in two colors, and this one.
A cozy sweatshirt. I wanted this because I heard the rooms are sometimes cold, and I didn’t want to pack anything tight. This will be great for sleeping in too.
Leggings! High waisted leggings for recovery and going home in. I packed this pair and this pair.
I also am bringing along my adult coloring book and colored pencils.
Vava Lamp for middle of the night bathroom breaks, and feedings. So much nicer to have ambient light to turn on vs the extreme, harsh, bright florescent lights that the hospital has.


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