I know everyone makes goals for the new year and they usually involved losing weight and drinking more water or traveling more. Yes I’ve had all of those goals in the past but this year I am changing up my goals a bit.

The major ones I want to hit are: 

Stressing less, this is a hard thing for a new mom. I am always trying to do my best for everyone and sometimes I feel like I’m coming up short. I’m not going to let little things get to me like I have in the past. If something doesn’t get done oh well! I’m not stressing about my house work anymore, and trying to focus on being in the moment with my son and family, the laundry will get done eventually!

Another thing is to not worry about accommodating others. This is a big thing because I feel like sometimes we flex on so much to make sure everyone is happy. Sometimes it’s ok to be selfish and make sure you’re happy and your home is happy. We don’t always have to be available for every plan or every invitation presented to us. It’s ok to say NO!

Another goal of mine is to prep food on Sunday. It’s hard sometimes to get a dinner on the table or have a quick lunch, when I prep on Sundays there is always something for those crazy days. I love to have a few meals ready, or basics that can be turned into meals. 

For example
Grilled chicken 
Lettuce cut up
Grilled veggies
A fruit salad 
Hard boiled eggs
Then these things can be eaten for breakfast lunch or dinner and be there for a hectic days. 

My final goal is to focus on my blog and instagram. I want to expand my content and be more creative in what I share. I want to put more thought into my posts and photos and have a better schedule that I can follow. This is always a goal I set, but it helps me to stay motivated, creative and always improving!



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    Happy new year – I hope you achieve your goals! x

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