Yes that is right, the way I plan to stay fit at home is by using our new Peloton. After much back and forth and deciding if this was right for us we decided to purchase a Peloton and start really working out at home. For me this was so important to implement a routine that I could stick to everyday, and luckily my husband loves biking and was pro Peloton!

If you have been following me you know I love going to the gym and having fitness as a part of my daily routine. After having a baby it was so hard for me find time to get to the gym, and I’m sure that something all new moms can relate to. I am home with Ford during the day, so getting to the gym was impossible for me. I wasn’t able to go unless I did the minute my husband got home from work. Leaving us with little to no time to chat and spend time together, or I would have to wait until Ford was in bed for the night. Both options felt rushed and annoying.

The kicker is we even live close to the gym, 10 minutes there, and 10 minutes home, but the driving time alone is the length of a Peloton ride. The rides start at 20 minutes and go up from there so as soon as I shut the door to Fords’ room during his nap I can clip in my shoes and start working out!

I am ADDICTED to riding. I feel so happy and confident, and pumped up when I use this bike. The instructors are amazing, they know just what to say to get you going. There is an entire section for beginners, 20 minutes rides which include warm ups and cool downs to get you started on your cycling journey. Today I did my first non beginner 30 minute ride that was pop hits, I LOVED it! I never thought I could be so excited about working out at home. I usually find every excuse in the book when I am home, but this has me so motivated.

I have also been using the app on the screen and my phone to do additional workouts. I have been doing 10 minute cool down rides, 5 minute stretching routines, and 5-20 minute ab circuits. It is amazing how many options you have on this machine. Cycling is just the tip of the iceberg, and you can even take the app with you outside to walk or run to.

I also love that with every single thing you do on this bike or app you earn badges, and there are achievements that you can aim for. This really keeps me motivated because I want to earn them all! I also love that they have a challenges section, you can enter any you want.
February Activity Challenge- work out 5 times in the month
February Cycling Challenge- ride 50+ miles in the month
Leap Into Action- workout for 7 straight days
and so many others to join. You can also follow friends, join groups, take live or pre recorded classes, and workout whenever you want and for however long you want to!
PS. My husband has used the bike every single day since we got it and looks forward to it everyday as well!

I will share my progress as I continue to ride and workout with Peloton, so here are the first weeks pictures. I plan to do an update every 4 weeks.


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