Happy Sunday friends, I hope you all had an amazing weekend. I am starting this Sunday Series so I can share all my favorite who, what, wear, and me’s from the previous week!

Ina Garten. I love her first and foremost, and watch her show constantly. I even started watching it from her first season when Ford was first born to have something on in the background, but also because she has such a calm way of cooking and for a new mom that’s perfect! I just saw her share on her Instagram that she filmed an episode for a fried chicken sandwich that is supposed to be like a Shake Shack Chicken Shack. Can’t wait to see it! Check out her blog here, it is so user friendly and has an amazing layout. Also check out her Instagram for the latest recipes!

Ivy Odom from “Hey Y’all” a Southern Living YouTube channel! I am obsessed with her and my husband even likes to watch! She has short episodes that either relate to upcoming holidays with recipes and craft ideas or different ways to host an event, and even gardening and styling your outdoor spaces. You have to check her out! This is her latest video! Also follow along on IG here

Peloton. This week I am focusing on me with our new Peloton! I have exercised everyday which is a huge improvement on last week because I can do it all at home! Check out my blog post here for the full fitness post all about my new routine!

Easter. I keep thinking about Easter and wanting all the cute little accents for the house! Easter means spring and pastel colors and all that makes me so happy! I even ordered a few things for a cute table scape, shop them all here! 

Family. This weekend my mom and step dad came to visit and spend time with Ford, it was so great having them. Ford absolutely loves when they come and has the biggest smile on his face and laughs when my mom says her catch phrase, “Ho Ford, it’s Grandma!” He loves her so much! While they were here we are backed stuffed haddock which was out of this world and of course I didn’t take a picture because we were so excited to eat I forgot. Oops 

All the spring things I am loving


This week I mentioned was all about the new Peloton and making time for myself. I have felt so energized and excited all week! I have used our Peloton to ride and for stretching, cool downs, and ab routines! Adding in arms next week! I have been eating kale salads as my newest addiction. Adding all my favorites veggies and chicken, and have been loving this Avocado Cilantro dressing! 

Needing some new sneakers and thinking about grabbing this pair for spring runs outside which I can also do with the Peloton app! 

Current wardrobe obsession are these high waisted stretch mom jeans, love the fit TTS and how they have a little bit of stretch to make being a mom easier! Up down up down all day!



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