I am not panicked but I am prepared. I had a feeling this was going to get out of hand and two weeks ago bought a ton of canned and non perishables online to have just Incase it turned into mayhem in the grocery stores.. well it did so I’m glad we stocked up! I can’t take any chances being a new mom and having a five month old baby that needs me heathy to care for him. I also need to make sure that he is safe and healthy! That is my only priority right now and for that reason I have not been to a store or in a crowd in the last two weeks. It may sound a bit dramatic but I would rather be safe than sorry. I have to admit today I feel more concerned than ever for our nation as a whole.

What we bought to prepare
I ordered from Target online 
Canned chicken 
Granola bars
Trail mix 
Hand sanitizer 
Toilet paper 
Paper towels
Case of bottled water 

Another great source for pantry items is thrive market I stocked up on 
Canned lentils 
And additional Snacks

We purchased extra baby food and baby cereal as well as The Honest Company order of diapers and wipes. We were almost out so we needed this anyways.

We also placed an order for coffee from Nespresso. We were out so we needed this anyways. 

Also on occasion we have ordered from Omaha Steaks so this is a great time to do so and have meat in your freezer!

Please keep your distance from others and stay safe! Use online ordering when possible, and stay home!


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