Today we took advantage of the warmer weather to edge out our garden beds and get ahead of our yard work for the year.


Cody Rigsby– my favorite male Peloton instructor, he is hysterical and motivating and uplifting. The best stories about when he was younger and how he was “that bitch”. I could not be happier I have this bike and the app and this community to workout with at home, my only regret is that I didn’t get this bike sooner! BYE BOO!
LeAnne Hainsby – My favorite female Peloton instructor. Also extremely motivating and positive, I love her energy and excitement. She always knows the right thing to say to keep you going strong. I also have to mention that I love her outfits and the tracks she chooses are so different and fun! YES TO YOU!


When I say we I mean my husband did all the work and I watched. I know this sounds super annoying but I let him do his thing while I wrote part of this blog, cleaned up the kitchen, and folded some laundry while the baby was sleeping.

Billy edged the gardens every year so they are refreshed and sharp looking, after that we add new mulch.. clearly we are going to have to wait on the mulching as we aren’t going to any stores. We have multiple garden beds, front, back, and then two that are just with beach grass. I will share another update when we have them mulched and when they are in bloom.


I am in love with the following items to include home decor pieces.



We have been watching The Mandalorian on Disney+ and maybe to some it seems liek we are late to the game, but we really just got back into watching TV at night about a month ago. It was all hands on deck with the baby, and I typically went to bed 30 minutes after him because he was waking up to feed at night, now he is getting the hang of sleeping longer stretches and has even given us some full nights too! I’m hoping the full nights keep up and we will be back to binging TV in no time haha. But also sleeping, I cant lie I still am in bed by 9:30PM, but when he was waking up multiple times I would be in bed by 7:30/8PM. I just couldn’t hang.


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