Styling a bar cart is all about a vibe. You can either style it to be used for yourself and for guest, or style it to just have a look to it. Personally I go between doing both and right now I’m in the mode of styling it for use. Let me share how I do it, and head to my IGTV to see it all in action!

First off you need a bar cart, clearly. Then I try to think of things that make a bar cart work. What are the bits and pieces you need to make a drink, or entertain? For me I always want layers and textures, not just bottles of alcohol and something to serve them in. 

Layers make the display visually interesting and bring a vibe to your room. So I always add pieces that will be used when I am either making a drink myself or entertaining. 

I arrange the bottles of alcohol by look and use. I like to have clear liquor together but also consider the shape of the bottles and what gets used the most. The most used liquor gets to be on the top of the bar cart. I place them neatly and by size. I incorporated the Agalima mixer because we use this often. 

Next I make sure I have something fun. I added this letter board with a fun saying. This can be changed out for entertaining, as well as holidays. I would also love to add a mirror to this space hanging above.

Adding texture is a great way to make your bar cart more beautiful. Paper napkins in this marble fruit bowl do the trick. Now we have marble, glass, wood, paper all playing with texture and color. When you mix materials it makes any space look lived in and gathered together over time. No one likes a matchy matchy set, bla! 

On the second self I have added a stack of books for color. They are all about entertaining and of course drink making! 

Now it’s time for some fun glasses. I chose to add my Moscow mule mugs because I love the copper color, they can be used for more than just Moscow mules, and keep drinks very cold!

Lastly I layer in little interesting things. A small bowl of match boxes from local restaurants or travel. A candle of course is the perfect addition to the match bowl. I also added the whale which can either hold fresh matches, or burned matches. We have this little tile with the number 4 on it so I added that for fun, and our set of ceramic dice to hold the napkins down. 

Obviously bc creative and use what you have. Pull from your collections and layer things in. 

When it’s time to entertain you can add a wooden cutting board to the top, a bowl of fresh limes, a few bottles of tonic or soda water, anything that you will use! 




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