NAVY HAIR CARE REVIEW. shampoo & conditioner

I have been using the navy hair care shampoo and conditioner for a little over a month now and I’m sharing my fully review.

First off I am very sensitive to scent, and I hate when shampoos are overly fragrant and strongly scented because it eventually gives me a stomach ache. I want something that smells fresh and clean, not a floral or cologne scent. I love the scent of this shampoo and conditioner! It’s very coastal and fresh in a salt water, sea breeze way. The shampoo lathers up so well and really leaves your hair super clean. I love that the condition is so moisturizing and is advised to be left in your hair for a few minutes before rinsing. I recommend this step as it helps to leave your hair feeling smoother and more moisturized, it really makes the difference.

Be sure to rinse your hair fully as if any conditioner is left behind it feels a bit sticky. I made the mistake of rushing one day and my hair felt like it had weight to it after. For someone with hair like mine, straight, and slightly thick to use once or twice a week to really refresh and reset your hair. If you have thicker wavy or curly hair it would be great for everyday, or every time you wash your hair. My husband has thicker more wavy hair and he absolutely loves it too! He asked me the other day, “I think i’m using this for the rest of my life, I love it!”

I also love that the bottles are just the right size to sit on a shower shelf. Some bottles are so oversized they have to sit on the floor of the shower and that to me is annoying. I know this shouldn’t matter, but esthetically the bottles have it going on! They are sleek, simple, and neutral with the cutest little wave design on the bottom.

Overall I really like this set because it’s vitamin fortified and has biotin which helps with frizz especially in the summer months. It leaves your hair clean, refreshed and smells amazing! I would recommend this set to anyone.




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