You all know I have been loving The Navy Hair Care shampoo and conditioner, and today i’m sharing all of my favorite hair care products that are so easy to use, and effective in supporting heathy hair!

For all my moms out there I know it’s so hard to get that time you want in the bathroom, I for one have narrowed down my beauty routine to the point where I can be ready for the day in 10 minutes, and this includes getting dressed. I admit this does include me leaving my hair wet to air dry, but it’s summer and to me there is no other way!

If you are like me it just helps to be 100% ready and able to take on the day, so these products help me to achieve this so easily. The Search and Rescue shampoo and conditioner is amazing because it smells so clean, is fortified with vitamins and leaves your hair shiny, clean, and rejuvenated. I also love that you only need a small bit and it lathers up so well.

I follow this up with a quick sprits of the Sea Mist and I typically throw in a head band and i’m done! When my hair air dries I get a small beach wave or some bit of texture that I love. If i’m feeling like my hair is dry and I need a little extra moisture I always add in this leave in conditioner, typically just on the ends of my hair!

All of these products are super easy to use, go a long way, and don’t leave your hair feeling sticky or dry at all!

Another beauty product I think is the holy grail and the real reason my hair turns out well when I don’t have the time to style it is my collagen peptides and beauty glow. This is working from the inside out and really gives your body the nutrition it needs to grow healthy, strong hair! I recommend this to everyone, it is the best and super easy to use!

Then I will use this Living Proof dry shampoo for second or third day hair. It is great when you don’t have the time to wash your hair, or are running behind and need a little quick refresh!

I’m also linking my favorite hair curlers for the days when I have the time to style my hair. Typically during the summer I never do!



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