I always start to get excited when the season changes, it means a new change in my closet, and bringing back the wardrobe thats been on hold for a few months. For New Englanders that means coats! We need one for every possible forecast.

In New England we all need an assortment of coats. The best option is to have multiple styles in varying lengths, weights, and waterproofing. You just never know with the weather here. One minute it’s sunny and hot, the next minute you might get blown over by the wind gusts.

So I’ve rounded up my favorite coats for every occasion!

L.L.Bean has really been expanding their style lately, and I love how you can get something you’d expect from them, and something you wouldn’t. The quilted barn coat is the perfect classic style that will always be timeless. I also love the full sherpa one, it’s so fun and in style right now!


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