Years back my friend introduced us to Aesop after he had learned about it in Australia. We have been fans ever since, and have been using a ton of their products from hair, to skin, and more. Let me tell you more about it.

Aesop is an Australian based company that uses quality plant based ingredients to create effective solutions to skin care. I absolutely love how simple their packaging is, and the combinations they use to create the most amazing smelling products.

Now that it’s getting colder I have been using their scalp oil every few days to massage into my scalp before washing my hair. This helps to keep it from getting dry and itching in the winter months. This is great to use year round for anyone with a dryer scalp. This does not leave your hair greasy by any means. I love to follow it up with their calming shampoo and then use their volumising conditioner. My hair smells so clean, and always looks extremely shiny.

Another must have for me is their hand cream. It is by far the most effective cream I have ever used. It works even better when coupled with their hand wash. I love that it dries quickly, and does not need to be reapplied constantly which is also a benefit.

Lastly you can not go without their Lip Cream. It’s easy to apply, effective, and also lasts. I hate products that you use and within minutes feel as if you never used them to start. Aesop is not that brand. I am a true believer in these products and a life long customer.

I also love how they have the gift sets and here, to allow you to not only share the brand with others, but to self gift and explore the products before buying the full size.

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    Most people in my area have no clue that shampoos that grow your hair fast (of course with no sulfates, no parabens and no DEA) even exist. We all can now experience longer hair and attain more possibilities. Certainly worth considering.

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