It’s always hard to buy that perfect gift for someone, and this year I decided why not share all the things I want? So I did! Im sharing everything I love, some that I own, and some that I have on my list for Santa.

  1. A silk pillow case, the perfect gift for anyone. It helps to prevent frizz in your hair, and even helps to prevent wrinkles! Sign me up!
  2. Aesop hand cream. I love this cream and it is my first choice anytime. I love the smell and effectiveness, that it’s made with clean ingredients and dries quickly.
  3. Aesop rinse free hand wash aka sanitizer. We are all living on this stuff lately and you can’t go wrong by gifting it to everyone on your list! It’s a 2020 staple.
  4. Aesop lip cream. I love this! Keeps your lips smooth and moisturized. Perfect stocking stuffer.
  5. This mug is too cute, I have the version from last year and trust me I use it when I need to send a message to the family! For $5 everyone mama on your list deserves one!
  6. Cashmere socks! Need I say more?
  7. Gorgeous leather toiletry bags. I love that they can be monogrammed, and they come in a handful of different colors. I love this forest green, and have it on my list!
  8. This cashmere set! I NEED this. Joggers and hoodie, both are very affordable for the fact they are cashmere! I want the grey, or the cream.. I can’t decide. Multiple color options available.
  9. Felt pens , I love making lists and using my planner. I get it phones are great, but there is nothing better than making a list and physically checking or crossing things off of it. Great stocking stuffer idea.
  10. These love knot earrings are gorgeous and the perfect way to tell someone you love them. They are timeless and under $300.
  11. These Pixi detoxify eye patches are perfect gift for anyone who is busy, aka everyone. I love using them right out of the fridge for a little added boost.
  12. These Sorel boots are not only adorable, but affordable, and some of the best quality cold weather boots you can find. So chic, warm, and I love the grip the sole has.
  13. Teleties. The telephone cord hair tie everyone needs. Also great stocking stuffer. The hold your hair back without pulling, or damaging, and reduce the band line you get from your ordinary hair tie.
  14. This Truffle brand clear pouch is a winner! it comes in so many sizes, is the softest clear plastic that is so easy to use. The zipper glides so smoothly and they last forever. They are such a great gift for everyone.
  15. Alo leggings are so comfy, and I love this oxblood color for the winter season. A must have for working out, but who am I kidding, I wear these with an over sized sweater and boots and call it a Tuesday.




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