I am almost embarrassed to share the before picture of this closet. Well actually I am embarrassed, it has been such a chuck it in there and run vibe lately. Mostly due to being lazy, rushing, and little hands that grab everything in sight! Be prepared to see how far this closet has come!

Let me just say that this took hardly anytime, and it was really all about just putting things in the right place, and having a stool to reach the shelves I couldn’t put the towels in properly.

To start I took everything out of the closet and figured out what organizing bins I needed. I made sure to measure so that I knew they would fit before buying them and then having to stop the project midway. Then I did an online order for store pickup and grabbed everything linked at the end of this post.

After inventorying everything I realized the bottom shelf was causing a problem and that having a bin at the bottom for all of our sheets made more sense for the closet, and would free up more shelf space for hair products, etc.

I think put everything into their categories, and placed them into the bins I choose for them, put everything back up on the shelf, took a few pictures and voila it was done!

The only thing I took out of this closet that is not longer there are the beach towels, I put them into another closet for our seasonal items, it made more sense and gave me an entire shelf of free space.

I hope you all can follow in my continued organizing and have fun doing it!



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