I was determined to tackle this project for more than one reason. But my biggest reason was for easy meal planning for the week. Let me tell you more about it, and show you just how I tackled it all.

First and foremost I have to say that the before picture is right after a grocery trip run that butted up to a nap time so everything got thrown into the fridge so I could get the baby down for a nap.

My husband and I have been wanting to edit the refrigerator for some time now, and for us it was more about having things ready to go for meals, snacks, and especially baby meals. It’s so much easier to pull something together when everything is washed and cut and ready to go!

Another reason for doing this project is to make grocery shopping so much easier. You can actually see what you have, and what you don’t. There is no guessing on what needs to go on the list. We always buy for the week, and rarely get extra, so for us this works best because we eat through everything before buying more.

We are also creators of habit and eat the same foods almost every week, so I knew exactly what storage spaces we needed based on our consistency.

The bins I chose are amazing. They are a nice heavy plastic that will last a lifetime. They are BPA free, and I love how you can buy some with lids, and dividers. There are also berry bins, egg bins, and even sliding drawers for stacking. Shop everything I used and all my favorites at the end of this post.

Click here to see my Instagram Reel on how I did it all.

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