Ford’s first birthday was such a fun day, and while we had to keep is very very small due to Covid, we had the best time! I loved the Peter Rabbit theme, and came up with it based on his love for the book he got in his first Easter basket that year. He won’t be a baby forever, and one day he will want to choose the theme for his party himself. So for now I’m doing all the sweet, and whimsical party themes for my precious little love! 

All of the party details were so fun to put together, and I loved thinking of the characters from the book and labeling all the food according to those that sounded right together. I tried to do mostly finger foods, but a variety of things that would be found in a garden, or seem in the vibe of Peter Rabbit. Spinach dip, veggie platter, fruit, mini quiches, carrot cake, etc. 

All of the items I used were either built by my husband, he created the picture boards to show a photo from all the  months leading up to 1 year. He used some old wood we had, and added chicken wire, and then I used clothes pins to hang the photos. He also built the crate with some old wood and I dry brush painted both the frames and the crate to keep them looking rustic. 

Most things I found on amazon and are linking at the end of this post. The food labels are so easy, chalk stickers and the package comes with so many replacement stickers to use over time. I will be using these for so many parties for years to come. When in doubt grab some fresh vegetables from the grocery story and lay them out on the table. I did this with the carrots, and radish to help tie in the garden theme. 



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