I can’t explain why, but for me green is the new blue in home decor. Well at least my home decor. I have had blue as an accent color in our home for years now, and while it’s a gorgeous color, and one I wear often, I have been wanting to change it up for awhile now. I have this new obsession with all things green, so I started pulling together some of my favorites, and I’m sharing them all with you!

Blue has been our accent color for years now, and I love it and wear it often, I have been feeling for almost a year now that blue just isn’t cutting it anymore. I want a refresh and although I am not throwing blue to the curb forever I would like to tone it down a bit in our home. Well perhaps the navy of it all, I am more into the pastel blues if a blue at all right now. Either way green has become a star in my eyes, and I am just loving it in home decor. I am on a journey to slowly change out my blue accents for green, and while I am in this mindset I like to create a style board with all things that are inspiring me. This helps me to gather my thoughts, mix and match pieces, and figure out where to make the changes.



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