Summer Skincare Routine 2021

Lately I have been changing up my skincare routine and going with the less is more approach, let me tell you more about it.

Lately I have been trying the less is more approach, with my skincare routine, my makeup routine, and with the ingredients in both of them. I have been trying to use less products, and take less steps, but make them all count. I love clean beauty and for me it’s what works best for my skin! I have started using a new face wash which I have been loving and just rebought, and have been using witch hazel everyday and night and it has made the biggest difference in my skin. It help with blemishes, redness, and helps to even skin tone, I love it!


I wash my face with this
I use this witch hazel
I use this moisturizer
I use this eye stick

I wash my face with the same face wash
I use the same witch hazel
I apply this resurfacing serum

One night a week I use this face mask
One night a week I use this at home microdermabrasion
I do these on separate nights



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