Our new art from minted

I randomly decided that I didn’t like the art we had in our bedroom for our bedroom anymore, and felt it was better suited for the hallway, so until now we have had bare walls in our bedroom for about 2 months.

Enter Minted, the best place to buy art! I loved using minted because not only do they have thousands of options to choose from, a lot of the options can be printed in different color ways. You might like a piece and can choose to do color, a color way that is more heavy with blues, one thats more neutral, one that shows more red tones, a black and white, etc. etc. I love this because it gives you the ability to really customize a piece of art for your space. I also love all of the frame options, and how many choices you can do. You can stick with a standard style, or upgrade to a specialty frame is thats what you prefer.

The other thing I love about minted is how you can decide if you want the art to be full bleed, with a white boarder, which is what I choose here, matted, or float mounted. Each piece comes with the perfect style hardware that fits the needs and weight of the art, so they are ready to be hung when they arrive. All of their art is packaged to insure it arrives safely to your home, and looks gorgeous. There really is nothing like having it ready when it arrives. Whenever I try to do art on my own there are too many steps and I can never find the right frame, and then hanging it is a whole other story. Minted makes it so easy and I will forever buy from them for that reason.

I’m ordering a few pieces for our office, and perhaps one for our bathroom to change out what we have in there now. We also have minted art in Ford’s room, so I will share and link all of those options in the post.

Check out my Instagram Reel to really get the full idea of how it looks in our bedroom.

And check out the minted art in Ford’s room here.



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