When you’re a mom it’s not always easy to feel good about yourself. You’re often the last one on the list, and you are rushing to get everyone ready and out the door, and you just throw yourself together. Lately I’ve been making it a priority to give myself some time for me, let me tell you more about it.

It’s so easy to be the last person ready, and the one who has to scramble to get ready and out of the house. We are cooking ,cleaning, packing and doing everything to get everyone else ready. I always feel like I have to rush every time it’s my turn to get myself together for the day. So I have been trying to carve out the time to give myself that I need to make sure I feel good too. So a few mom hacks have come into play, on is that I have a new 3 step makeup routine that’s perfect for everyday and takes me less than five minutes, you can view it here, and I have started to wash my hair at night so in the morning it is already dry and I can style it in less time. I have also purchased easy go to basics that can mix and match to put together cute, yet comfortable, mom friendly looks so I can feel my best.

I love these joggers because they come in so many colors (I have 3), and lengths, and they are easy to throw on but look pulled together, they are easy to move in, are comfortable and under $40!

These sneakers are so adorable the prefect colors to go with everything, have the support you need to be on your feet all day, but not bulky or clunky looking. I also love this pair which go with everything and have the best arch support.

This bag is it for me, I had to have something that could allow me to be hands free, but also something that wasn’t too heavy or bulky. I like a backpack now and then and when I do a backpack I use this one which I love and comes in so many colors. But this fanny pack has been my life saver. I can have just what I need in it, and also put it on and off super easily. I wear it across my chest because I think it’s easier to access everything and frankly it just looks cuter this way! I also love this one that is under $40!



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