Fall is here and I had to do a poll on stories to see where everyone stands on their fall vibes and what they prefer. I also felt it was time to solve the apple vs pumpkin debacle once and for all. Let me tell you how it turned out.

Ok, first things first. I have to say it and you will either love me or hate me for it, but justice for apple. The OG of fall fruit, scents, and flavor. I’m sorry I can’t not say it, apple is the one it all started on, and until the pumpkin spice latte, and the Trader Joe’s pumpkin flavored everything it was always apple. TRUST ME I love a pumpkin latte, and pumpkin pie, and pumpkin muffins, and I will get a pumpkin and decorate my entire house with them, so I am not a pumpkin hater, but I just feel like sometimes apple is over looked, so justice for apple.

Here are the results to the poll, but I must say it is pertinent that IG create a polling sticker with 3 options, because sometimes both applies. We can like multiple things, and I get that it supposed to be a this or that, whats your ride or die fav, but I sometimes just can’t pick one. Pumpkin or apple pie? umm a sliver of both, sorry i’ll have both so we need the both option in the polling feature.


Which pumpkin do you prefer?
Fairytale 55% Orange 45%

Light jeans 42% Dark jeans 58%

Coffee 76% Tea 24%

Apple 48% Pumpkin Spice 52%

Hot Cider 49% Pumpkin Latte 51%

Apple Pie 56% Pumpkin Pie 44%

Tote Bag 70% Backpack 30%

Pumpkin Patch 74% Apple Picking 26%

How do you football?
Tailgate 25% Couch 75%

Leggings 77% Jeans 23%

Vest 19% Jacket 81%

Boots 65% Sneakers 35%



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