Today I shared a reel with my new favorite fall pieces that are under $50. Check it out here, and read this post for more of my favorite fall finds under $50!

Fall brings so many things with it, pumpkins, outdoor activities, warm drinks, and cooler temperatures, but especially for New Englanders there is an up and down that seems to stick around all day. When you wake up its freezing, after that it’s cool, then hot, and sometimes humid, then slowly back to cool and freezing again. So with all that being said it’s very important to have layers on, because without them you can’t survive the day. It’s also tough to find pieces that are not only on trend, but affordable, and the right colors to mix and match with each other. So I did all the work for you!
To make everything look that much more elevated follow my tips on how to style them.
Leave the top button undone on the button up, pop the collar, and roll up the sleeves. I also love tucking in one side of the shirt and leaving the other side out. This helps to elevate a $20 top. I also love wearing a dainty gold necklace to finish the look.
When layering the sweater if you’re wearing it on, pop the collar on the outside, and roll the sleeve so some of the green is showing, and be sure to have the top full untucked. If you are wearing it over your shoulders you can have the button down fully untucked, half tucked, front tucked, or fully tucked in. I personally like the sweater wrapped over the shoulders, but sometimes I will tie the arms together in front.
As for the jacket, I find it cute to wear unzipped and with the arms rolled slightly for a more casual vibe.




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