Evian Facial Spray

This Evian Facial Spray is a game changer, and one of my favorite recent beauty finds.

This spray not only works perfectly to refresh your skin, but it also moisturizes, and tones it all at the same time. I have become such a huge fan of this and have been using it non stop. I have the smaller size to take with my on the go, and the larger size to use at home, or when we need it for an outing with the whole family. We use this at the playground, beach, I spray myself with it during and after a workout for a little cool down/ refresh, you can take it on a hike, or to any outdoor activity, it truly is so versatile and great for all times of the year!
The moisturizing feature is such a great add on especially for the winter months when it’s cold and dry. I love spraying it during the day when the afternoon slump kicks in and I need to refresh my face, and refocus my mind!



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