Ladies listen up, these are the things you need to add to your list for Santa!

All of my favorites, most of them I own, some of them are on my Christmas list. I’m sharing items are varying price points, some splurge items, some perfect for stocking stuffers.

  1. This bag is so adorable and I love it in all of the colors available. This neutral tone would be my first choice, or the black, but the red has my eyes turning into hearts. I love that they have a leather strap and a fabric one. It looks like a very high end designer bag, but is under $200!
  2. Ok these sneakers are like being on clouds. Hence the name On Cloud, they are a bit of a splurge but they are so worth it and come in so many colors to blend with your esthetic.
  3. You all know how much I love a headband, and this is the neutral blush tone one that I wear with everything. This brand is my favorite, and comes in a perfect fabric bag for travel and storage.
  4. If you don’t have a wooden paddle hair brush you aren’t living when you get ready in the morning. These are so good, and last for years! I have had mine for almost 5, and I love that they can be customized with your initial!
  5. These heart earrings are everything and that is all I have to say.
  6. Truffle co cases are my favorite, they plastic is so soft, the zippers are smooth, and they clean so easily. I have so many of them and use them every day. They come in varying sizes and colors so you can get the one that fits your best.
  7. So maybe I have a thing for heart shaped earrings, I didn’t even realize it until now. The gold pair is classic, timeless, and go with everything.
  8. This dutch oven is amazing, you can make everything an anything in it. I always use mine to make chili, soup, fresh bread because it can go in the oven as well.
  9. These skincare tools are amazing, and we all need to and want to keep our faces looking fresh and young!
  10. These coasters are so gorgeous. They not only are functional, but look amazing on the coffee table.
  11. I need all the eye patches all the time! So cucumber detox are the ones to take down all the puffiness and brighten and refresh your face!
  12. This lavender growing kit is so perfect for a teacher gift, a grab bag, or a gift for a friend. I love that it can be used indoors over the colder winter months and that it is under $25.
  13. This cashmere loungewear set that is the perfect cozy holiday fit. It is defiantly a splurge, but is so cozy, and will last a lifetime.
  14. This leather bound journal is the perfect gift for any women on your list, and thats because us women love making lists and checking things off of them. I also love that you can customize the journal by monogramming. There are also multiple color options.
  15. These felt pens are the perfect add on to the leather journal, or the perfect stocking stuffer.
  16. This roller ball perfume set is under $30 and the great gift for anyone, I love perfume rollers because I keep them everywhere. One in my car glove box, one in the diaper bag, one in my purse, I love that they are small and are so useful at a moments notice.



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