Today I’m sharing all of my favorite ornaments and tree trimmings so you can get the look you want and not spend a fortune.

There are so many places I go and ornaments are $25 each, to me that’s crazy, I’m all for buying one or two more pricey ornaments if its a very special ones but that can not work for an entire tree. So let me tell you all of my favorite places to get affordable ornaments and trimmings.

First of all I have been loving everything I bought this year from Brooke and Lou, it’s an online shop that I ordered so many great ones from and they were all very affordable. I also love that you can buy them separately so if you want to mix it up and get 3 of one 6 of the other you are free to do that. I have a huge crush on velvet ornaments and love how they look agains the tree, I also love their textural ornaments, the little pinecones and across, and of course their green moss ones are sooo beautiful!

Brooke and Lou Favorites

Next up is Anthropologie, they have some really unique ones that are so fun to add to a tree and really give it that signature personal touch. It’s like finding ornaments that represent your personality. There are so many options, and you can really find some beautiful ornaments at an affordable price. I also love that they sell some in sets, and even have those special splurge ornaments that are very keepsake and ones to treasure through the years. I think they have an amazing selection for those special ones to gift or buy for an ornament swap party.

Anthropologie Favorites

The other a probably most obvious place to check for ornaments is Target. Every year they increase the amount of individual ornaments they come out with, and they always have great options starting at $3. You can go in there with $20 and come out with so many great options. I also love that they sell sets and shatter proof options!

Target Favorites

Some of my other favorite unexpected places are:
Local garden centers, they always have such pretty ones that are so unique
Craft stores like Micheals and JoAnn fabrics
Home Sense and Home Goods
Craft fairs


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