The perfect winter casual look. I’m sharing all the details to the pulled together, comfortable look and all the details on my favorite clear pouches.

I love a perfectly comfortable winter look, that still is pulled together enough to have a day out of the house. In the winter months I can’t lie, I pretty much live in a sweatsuit, or leggings and an oversized sweater. The winter months in New England are cold, gloomy, and mostly spent inside, so being comfortable is my number one priority. I love the look of these nordic boots with a cargo pant, it’s comfortable and pulled together. The pearls on this sweater make for a touch of glam to dress the look up a bit.

These Truffle brand pouches are my favorite ever. We used them everyday, either in my purse, or in the family to go/ diaper bag. I used the largest one for snacks and the medium sized for hand sanitizer, our masks, sunglasses, chapstick etc. and the smallest size is perfect for my lip stains, hair ties, bandaids etc. They are super versatile and can be used for so many things, like travel, work bags, and even as a clutch. I love that you can get them in so many leather colors. The plastic is very soft, and moves easily unlike some clear pouches with stiff crinkly plastic. The other feature I love on these is the smooth zipper, they open and close with ease, and you never snag a nail on them.



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