I can’t take all the credit on this one, because my husband shared this detail with me, but there’s a simple way to get hundreds of options for TV art and it’s free.

OK this hack is so simple and amazing because you can do it on any smart tv, even I you have a Frame TV. The difference is these are all free and you can choose from so many options. First use the apps on your TV to either visit or download Youtube, once you do search TV art. For this tutorial I searched vintage tv art, and then scroll through the hundreds of options. Once you find the one you want you can click on it and it will generally have 6 options with in the one frame. To find the other options push the fast forward button and then the up button, you will see multiple tiles above that show the different art that will run through that particular slide, you can either let it run its course, or scroll through and choose the one you like best!
Instant room upgrade, for free!


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