Beer cheese dip recipe

The perfect game day or weekend snack, beer cheese dip. Of course the fresh baked pretzels help to make it the perfect treat.

One of our favorite things to do on the weekend is go for a walk in downtown. We are always out early since we are all early risers, and that makes for the perfect morning stroll. The shops aren’t even open, and everyone else is still home. With the exception of the coffee shops, they are open! We always pop in, grab a pastry and a coffee and stroll around. I usually try whatever is new and seasonal, Ford always get a croissant and Billy gets a chocolate croissant or a chocolate chip cookie for later in the day. But this time around we ordered the pretzels in advance and picked them up when we stopped in. They were so good, and of course I had to make a beer cheese dip to go along with them. We used this recipe and cut it in half. It’s the perfect amount for the sleeve of pretzels, and we even had a little left over. You can easily make this for dipping anything you like into it, and it makes for the perfect game day snack.


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