Valentine’s Day 2022

Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you are celebrating with your gal pals, or your love i’m sharing some favorite finds to get you in the festive mood.

No. 1 Canvas tote bag | No. 2 Heart shaped stud earrings (also available in black) | No. 3 Festive mug | No. 4 Valentine book (we love Little Blue Truck and have been collecting all the seasonal ones) | No. 5 Sweat set | No. 6 Heart shaped sunnies | No. 7 XOXO dish towel | No. 8 KULE sweatshirt | No. 9 LF earrings ( love all LF jewelry and wear one of her necklaces all the time) | No. 10 Festive paper goods | No. 11 Heart shaped mini waffle maker (also comes in pink)

It’s so much fun to get into the spirit for the holidays, and I love to get festive for Valentine’s Day! Make a yummy treat, decorate for Ford, use our heart waffle maker, and get into a comfy heart, red or pink outfit! I hope you all do the same and have a fun and happy Valentine’s Day!



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