Lately I’ve been drinking more water and I’m seeing such a difference in my body.

I have been making such a big effort at drinking more water everyday, and for the past few weeks I have stuck to it and am loving the results. I have noticed my skin overall is better, on my face I have fewer blemishes, and overall my skin is less dry. I have also noticed my lips aren’t as dry which typically they are in the winter months. Overall a huge plus for my skin, the appearance and texture.

I also love how I feel, I have more mental clarity, and am less tired. If you are dehydrated you can feel as if you’re in a fog and that was something I felt almost everyday. Not just mentally, but physically. Your body can be slow moving, and slow to thinking due to dehydration. I have also noticed that I am less hungry and have fewer days where I feel bloated. Another sign of dehydration is bloating! Who knew?! Well it’s because drinking water and staying hydrated helps you be regular in the bathroom which leads to less chances of constipation or bloating.

so the moral of this story is drink more water, you will not only look healthier, but feel it too! Get yourself a massive water bottle and make sure you drink through it multiple times a day. I started by using the biggest one I had and telling myself I had to finish at least two full ones before the end of the day! It has helped me so much because it’s like a little game.



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