Last week I ran out of everything and anything regarding my face. Skincare down to the last drop, and makeup on the brink of gone. So I placed an order for my tried and trues, but also included some new things to try.

I’m giving a try to the Ilia bronzer as I’ve recently heard such great reviews about it. I am so excited for this new clean beauty line, and the raves reviews people are sharing about them. I will report back on how I like it as I have been using Bare Minerals Faux Tan since I started wearing makeup at 16. I love it and it will always be my favorite, but I felt like giving something else a try. I also purchased the Charlotte Tilbury sculpt and highlight combo, and as of right now I am not impressed, I have used it a few times and so far, meh. I will continue to use it and see what I think. Another new to me purchase is the Honest Beauty lip color, I use all Honest skincare, and a lot of the Honest beauty line, as well as their lip crayons so i’m excited to try this as a fill in to the Nars version I have been using for years now and love, but the honest is much more affordable and I figured why not try it out. I will link it all!



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