We had such an amazing time in Charleston and I am already counting down the days till we go back.

Visiting Charleston was so much fun, and I felt like crying the day we were leaving. There is something so peaceful about being there, maybe it’s the warm weather and being able to spend all day outside, or the friendly nature of everyone in town. I’m also partial to dresses so to be in a place where I can comfortably wear on everyday is a major plus in my book. Either way we loved it and are looking forward to going back.

We had to do a few touristy things like go see the Pineapple Fountain, and a few others because they are pages in Ford’s book Goodnight Charleston. He was so excited to see the fountain in person and when we read the book at night he kept saying I went there!

Among a grouping of other dresses I brought this gorgeous new blue and white floral one with the cutest bow straps. I actually bought it for a wedding we have in June, but I just couldn’t resist bringing it and giving it a spin. This dress is currently on sale!



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