end of summer style

Summer is coming to and end so I’m sharing some of my favorite things to take you from one season to the other.

The end of summer is always bitter sweet, it means we are ending the fun and free casual life style and getting back into the school, work, and scheduled routine. I for one am craving a bit more routine, and although Ford is not starting school we are going to implement a little more rigor into our day, and as apposed to the casual anything goes summer vibe we have been doing lately.

So with that change in routine comes a change in my motivation to get up and ready for the day by giving myself enough time to wake up exercise, shower, and have a few minutes to enjoy a cup of coffee before the chaos of the day begins. To me it is important to have myself dressed and feeling confident, where if I don’t take the time to do that I feel rushed, and disheveled and like I am starting my day on the wrong foot. So I am sharing some great pieces to use now and into fall to keep that pulled together, ready for the day energy going!



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