Target Holiday Finds under $5

Target holiday finds under $5, you can’t beat it.

Target seems to be giving us everything we need when it comes to holiday content, and each year they seem to have more and more options I can’t say no to. This haul came from stopping in to get laundry soap and floss picks, but I had Ford with me so of course we are going to search the dollar spot, and found this adorable ginger bread garland for $3, walked past the trees $5 on our way to the laundry soap, which to me are so vintage looking and sell out in days (I wasn’t able to get them last year sadly.) And of course we saw the holiday plates which are perfect for kids, they are melamine so they don’t break, come in adorable shapes, gingerbread, Christmas tree, snowman, and puppy wrapped in twinkle lights. They are $3 and also have circular options with different designs. We also grabbed this $3 milk jug because how could we not, and the vintage Santa motif and candy cane straw is so fun.



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