Sharing everything I’ve ordered this month to restock my empty products.

I was in need or a restock because almost all of my products were either gone or on the verge of gone, so I ordered a haul. I love the oSea cleanser and don’t think I can ever go back to using something else again. It leaves your skin so clean and soft. I love how hydrating it is and that it actually gets the makeup off on the first wash, face and eye, where most cleansers I have to use multiple times to remove all my makeup. The Necessaire set is a must have especially for winter skin because I love their exfoliator, it’s so gentle and can be used everyday, it’s supper gritty, and mixed with a gel like wash so it washed off easily, and doesn’t take longer to remove the exfoliant. The body wash is smooth, suds up nicely, and smells amazing! Than my tired and true makeup, which I know is a bit on the pricey side, but the best makeup I’ve ever used, it lasts forever and I’m not a makeup everyday girl so it takes me even further. I use one stick a year, and this is one shade lighter than my regular color because I was feeling like my skin is so pale and I needed a better match for the winter months.



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