Beauty and Skincare expiration dates

Do you know how to tell if your beauty or skincare has expired? Let me tell you!

All beauty and skincare have expiration dates and I’m starting to realize this is something that isn’t widely known. All products have a small container logo on the back typically that looks like a little jar with an open top, and on the jar there is a number and the letter M. This represents how many months till the product expires. For most products this won’t be a big problem because if you use them daily they will run out before they expire, but for the things you only use here and there or have in the cabinet from who knows when, then you most likely have expired products. Be sure to check your makeup, skincare, and beauty products, including baby and children’s products yearly as most items expire within 12 months. You should also be checking any medicines as well. You wouldn’t eat expired food so you should definitely not be using expired products or medicine.

Using expired products not only have less effectiveness, but can cause redness, irritation, rashes, and can even cause breakouts and infections. So be sure to add this to your list and purge anything expired!



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