Golf Tournament with Kids

I’ve had a few people asking questions about going to a golf tournament with kids and how we do it.

All the details you need to know about traveling with kids to a golf tournament and how we do it. For starters it’s easy, and such a fun time, but I would consider the children when planning a trip. If your little ones have a hard time staying quiet when asked it might not be the place for you. Luckily Ford understands when asked to stay quiet, and is a pretty agreeable child to begin with. But that doesn’t mean you cant bring your kids because it’s a really family friendly event. There are kids everywhere, you just cant really be at the ropes watching if your child can’t be quiet for a the few seconds when a player is teeing off, hitting, and putting on the green. Answering some of the other question I got here.

Where do you go, and what Tournament where you at?
We go to the RBC Heritage which is hosted at Sea Pines Golf Resort on the Harbor Town Links course, which is in Hilton Head South Carolina.

What day do you go? Do you stay the weekend?
We do not stay for the entire weekend or Tournament, but always go on Thursday because it is the first day, and the most family friendly day in my opinion. This is one of the most family friendly Tournaments to go to in general.

Tickets and pricing.
We have done this two ways, one is general admission for the day which is under $100 and allows you access to the event for the entire day you choose to go to. You can also get tickets for the full weekend at general admission also. With this you have access to the general areas and are able to shop the merchandise tent, and purchase food from the vendors on site.
The second option which we did this year was buying tickets to a club. This allows you access to a a private area that is fully catered with everything you can imagine from appetizers to lunch, sandwiches, and drinks including alcoholic. This is in an air conditioned space that has lounge seating, tables inside and out, and bleacher seating. The club we went to this year was on the 17th and 18th green. It is very family friendly and there were many kids in the club when we were there including babies. *Children 15 and under are free for all entry.

Where do you park?
The parking carries based on the ticket you have, so the more you spend one your ticket the better parking you get. The General Admission tickets allow you off site parking and a bus that will drive you to and from the event it’s about a 20 minute ride. It’s a coach bus and very comfortable and was easy to do with our son when he was 2yrs old. For the club tickets we were able to park in VIP parking which was on the ground and just a short 4 minutes ride to the course via trolley.

Can you bring a stroller?
Yes you can bring a stroller we have this travel style one that we take with us on vacation and it folds up so easily so it fits nice on the bus/trolley when going from lot to event. There is a limit as to the size bag you are allowed to bring with you into the event, but we were able to bring a small diaper bag with us when we originally needed one the first time we went. This past time we entered with just my purse which has to be small the sizes are part of the information you get with your tickets, and I stuffed an extra pair of undies in there just in case!

Where do you stay?
You can plan to stay at the Resort on the grounds if you plan ahead, that books up so fast! For us we add it to our vacation to Charleston and head out early in the morning about 8am and drive to Hilton Head for the day.

Go to the mech tents when you arrive so they have more sizing available(each tent has different items, the main tent as the most options, but the smaller tents outside of the resort and in the private area have some different things that are sometimes better!). Have your parking figured out before you head there, and make sure you save your tickets to your phone (wifi outside Sea Pines is not great and hard to pull up email etc.) Wear sneakers if you plan to walk the course, bring or buy a hat, bring a travel stroller if you have littles, and get the kettle corn popcorn, it’s sooo good!


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