Summer Sandals

I need a huge haul of summer shoes, here are some of my favorites.

I have had the same pair of Birkenstocks for so long, they started out rose gold and now look silver. It’s pretty bad, but I just kept wearing them to their last possible second, and to be honest I still have them and wear them when i’m out on the yard gardening or doing something dirty.
I need new Birkenstocks because they are so comfortable and feel good, but I also need sandals that go with dresses and look a little more pulled together. So i’m sharing my favorites, and ones I have my eye on. I will be doing a big show haul coming up soon and will share all of them with you guys. I also feel like ordering shoes is a big to do, maybe its just me, but I feel like shoe sizing is changing and I have to order two sizes in all shoes to make sure they fit. If I like them I keep the pair that fits, if I don’t I have to return two pairs. It’s a lot of boxes, and tissue and lugging. But it must be done!



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